Reed Beds

Reed beds are a natural technology that may be used for the treatment of both domestic and industrial effluent. They often create a haven for wildlife amidst industrial environments, providing habitat for a diversity of birds, insects and reptiles.

In addition to degrading major pollutant such as COD, BOD and suspended solids, reed beds can also effectively target metal ions, ammonia, phosphate and hydrocarbons. The discharge from the systems would comply with the tightest environmental standards that are currently demanded by the Environment Agency.

CAP Technology has installed reed beds as a method of tertiary treatment at the end of comprehensive treatment plants that receive high strength industrial effluent. The high quality treated effluent could be considered for re-use or used in water features on sites.

The technology is particularly appropriate for leisure facilities such as hotels, golf courses or conference centres. Domestic effluent generated on such sites can often be fully treated sympathetically through the creation of managed wildlife environments.

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